Equipment & Facilities

Because of the generous commitment of the college and its alumni to neuroscience and because of the success of the neuroscience faculty in obtaining federal and private research support, Williams enjoys state-of-the-art facilities for neuroscience teaching and research including laboratories equipped to conduct:

(1) Electrophysiological research including intracellular recording and single and multiple unit recording from animals, and evoked potentials from both animals and humans.

(2) Anatomical studies at both the light and electron microscopic levels. Light microscopes are available for studies utilizing Nomarski differential contrast optics, phase optics, and fluorescent activation (including confocal microscopy). Modern instruments are available for both transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Facilities are available for neuromorphometry, computer assisted 3-D reconstructions, and standard histology and immunocytochemistry.

(3) Behavioral testing in a variety of species including telemetric monitoring of behavioral and physiological states, self administration of addictive substances, classical and operant conditioning, automated recording of vocalizations, and several rodent maze systems with automated tracking.

(4) Neuropsychological evaluations in humans.

(5) Collaborative relationships with area hospitals for students wishing to conduct more clinically-oriented research.

The college also maintains surgical facilities for use with a variety of species, professionally staffed animal care facilities, fully-equipped and -staffed machine, electronic, and wood shops, and an electron and confocal microscopy facility.