Brain Awareness Week - 2015

In 2015, Brain Awareness Week fell just bBAW-2015-WCneuroefore spring break (instead of during the break as it so often does), in the week of March 16-22. The stars were aligned, and Lauren Williamson, Visiting Professor of Neuroscience (and class of ’07) took the initiative to plan ahead and organize (and coordinate, run, and otherwise mastermind) a series of events under the Neuroscience Program’s aegis.

There were purple Williams College Brain Awareness T-shirts (designed by Maria Vicent Allende ’17).


BAW-cookiesThere were brain cookies, with color-coded neuroanatomy (subsequently eaten by Nitsan Goldstein, ’15, Caitlin Buckley ’17, Sara Lehman ’17, and Kathryn McNaughton ’15).


There was a talk on the neural bases of empathy, by Heather Williams, at the Purple Pub.

BAW-6gradeAnd there were activities for the Williamstown Elementary School 6th grade classes, here led by Williams neuroscience concentrators Alejandra Moran ’17 and Kathryn McNaughton in their spiffy Brain Awareness T-shirts.