Current Concentrators

Students completing the Neuroscience concentration must also complete a major. Often, concentrators choose to major in Biology or Psychology, though a number major in other programs including Art, Philosophy, English, and Economics. These diverse backgrounds help foster excellent discussions and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field of Neuroscience.

Students interested in becoming Neuroscience concentrators should contact the Chair or another member of the Advisory Committee and complete a Program Petition Form.

Class of 2017

    • Natalie Bernstein
    • Ivy Ciaburri
    • Olivia Clark
    • Candice Dyce
    • Ruby Froom
    • Devyn Hebert
    • Amelia Hidalgo
    • Sarah Lehman
    • Christopher Lyons
    • Terrance Mensah
    • Rose Miles
    • Alejandra Moran
    • Liam Mullen
    • Rachel O’Sullivan
    • Apurva Tandon
    • Kelly Tellez
    • Maria Vicent Allende
    • Sara Vitale


Class of 2018

  • Daisy Banta
  • Josselyn Barahona
  • Connor Dunn
  • Hussain Fareed Bukhari
  • Anna Frey
  • Gabrielle Ilagan
  • Spencer Lee-Rey
  • Candy Lu
  • Anika Mitchell
  • Sophie Robert
  • Andy Robertson
  • Lexie Royal
  • Andrew Scharf
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Jacob Sperber
  • Lauren Steele
  • Hayley Tartell
  • Keiana West